Create custom parts

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After playing around some time with Factory IO, i was wondering if it is possible to create custom parts.

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I think Factory I/O would greatly benefit from this. I’m missing sensors on the elevator and I’m missing a transfer carriage. I would add them myself but I previously (April 2018) got the answer that Factory I/O “is not customizable”.

I think you are right. I would even pay for some sort of developer pack or application where i could create my own parts. Also it would be nice to increase the numer of inputs and outpust. For example to a 1000 or even 2000.

In this state i think it is more or less useless to me.



I wouldn’t say it’s useless, you might just have to get creative. It is still intended as a software to simulate plants for education purposes and not primarily for commissioning or something like that. If you would like to use a 3D simulation software for commissioning you would have to buy a WinMOD license, but that has a hefty price tag to it AND you would have to do all 3D models yourself for your plant (at least to my knowledge).

I agree (with Janbumer1) … if you try to create a package that is fully configurable, I think the education value will decrease. There are packages which allow higher level simulation but they are complex, have a steep learning curve and would not be very useful in the classroom. After quite a bit of looking around, I adopted Factoryio for that reason. In my experience, software that can exactly simulate a machine would not be terribly useful for a variety of reasons. Regardless, I suspect both types of software have their pros and cons.

Hello everyone! Has anyone already managed to add details on their own? Has anyone seen libraries for expanding components?

What I would like to see tho is just the possibility to add custom parts, like a user library. If you don’t want to use them that’s fine. But if you want some special part you could create it and add it. Users could share those parts and we could greatly expand the functionality of Factory I/O.