Request for buglike-features change


I am unsure if it is intended to work like this or if it was just a consequence of the original code and never was seen as a problem to anyone. But after spending about 50 hours in Factory IO, these two things are incredibly annoying to me.

  1. You are unable to change camera settings when the system is in pause, and you are locked into the most annoying of all 3 camera settings, Orbit Camera.

  2. If you change the timescale you are also locked into Orbit Camera and unable to change camera setting.

  3. Sometimes when you pause, you are unable to move your camera around at all. If you unpause and pause again, sometimes you can move any way.

Basicly, what Im asking for is to let me use the camera setting I want, when I want. Theres no good reason for me not to be able to use FPS or Fly Camera, at all times. Even while paused or during a different time scale.

Other than that, I love this program!! :slight_smile: Thank you.