Analogue Conveyor with Potmeter and Buttons?

Hi All,

I would like someone who can explain me how I can start and stop an analogue conveyor with normal boolean buttons?

The conveyor’s speed is controlled by a potmeter (both of them are float) but I cannot use logic gate between the boolean buttons and the float potmeter-conveyor.

Is there any solution for this? Please advise!

Many thanks!

You can change the conveyor to “digital” or “digital +/-” to use single bits to control them. See this example.
If you want to stick with analogue to set the speed through the PLC you can use a SEL block or a combination of multiple MOVE blocks (if you work in FBD or LAD) to transfer the desired signal to the conveyor at the right time. You can then use the Boolean input of the SEL of the EN of the MOVE to control the blocks.

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