Can't link with Siemens PLCSim

I had check with PLC any setting in TIA Portal as like attached file, but still got the error message as It seems that S7-PLCSim is not running.

TIA Portal: V15.1
OS: Window10 Home version 2004
FactoryIO: V2.4.5

please help how to solve this problem.


This is strange. This error message only appears if PLCSIM is not started.
It is checked if the process “Siemens.Simatic.PlcSim.VplcHost” is running.
Is this process started on your system. See Windows Task Manager.


Run PLCsim with Administrative Privileges.

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Dear friends
I’ve the same problem, I’ve started both factory I/O and PLCsim advanced as administrator but still there is no connection even following connection instruction step by step

Here is the task manager PLCsim advanced is running but there is no connection with factory i/o

Hi @bob.chen,
This error occurs when Factory I/O can’t find S7-PLCSIM. Like @grzegorz.galazka said, did you try running both S7-PLCSIM and Factory I/O as administrator?

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Hi @hassanheha,
Could you please double-check this part of the tutorial? When I was testing it, I remember not being able to connect FIO due to step 6 being skipped.

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OK, It can work now.

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