Customize Factory I/O at startup (configuration files)

Configuration settings are saved in two different ways:

  • Scene save files (.factoryio)
  • Configuration files (.cfg)

Scene save files hold camera positions, objects in the scene, its operating modes and tags, the driver that is currently in use and I/O Points for each driver (offsets, counts, mapping to tags).

Configuration files hold all other information, such as control input-mapping, video and audio options, simulation settings, etc. These also save properties for the driver configuration (auto-connect, host address, port, model, etc).

The contents of configuration files can be edited with a text editor and consist of console commands. Every setting that can be accessed through the console can also be set by configuration files.

Configuration files are read at startup in the following order:

  • config.cfg in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Real Games\Factory IO : written by Factory I/O when shutting down to make its current settings persistent.
  • auto.cfg in the installation directory: used to set configuration settings for all users (global).
  • auto.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Real Games\Factory IO: also used for global settings.
  • auto.cfg in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Factory IO: each user can create and edit this file to override the global configuration.