Factory IO with multiple servers on OPC-UA

Hello everyone

Is there a way to communicate Factory IO with several OPC-UA servers?
This would be a nice feature for distributed automation with more than one PLC interacting with one scene on Factory IO.


Hi @ricardorech

Factory I/O can only connect to one OPC server at a time. However, if you use an OPC server such as Kepware or Matrikon you can configure the server to connect to multiple PLCs. This approach would allow you to control a scene using more than one PLC.

Nonetheless, your request makes perfect sense. One OPC client should be able to connect to multiple OPC servers. This is the main idea behind the OPC architecture design and it’s something we would love to implement in a future version of Factory I/O. Nowadays, it makes even more sense since most PLCs have a built-in OPC server.

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