Fieldbus configurations?

Does anyone know if Profibus or Profinet configurations are coming to Factory IO?

Hi @jouni.kononen!
We do plan on having this in a future version of Factory I/O. That being said, we’re still working on it and, therefore, don’t have an ETA for its release.

@jouni.kononen Allow me to complement Beatriz post. Profibus and Profinet have been suggested several times before so they ended up in our development roadmap. A major part of our dev roadmap is driven by user’s requests, suggestions, and feedback.

Before shipping a new feature we develop experimental releases in order to test the quality and added value of such feature. Many experimental features are never included in the official release. Eventually, we will test these two communication protocols, Profibus and Profinet, and decide if they should be included in Factory I/O.

Thank you for the information. I really hope that Profibus and Profinet will be included in the next Factory I/O versions.