Factory I/O v2.4.6 released

Factory I/O v2.4.6 is now available for download. This release improves sound effects, includes an experimental web server, and several bug fixes. We recommend all Factory I/O users to update to this latest stable release.


  • Added app.web_server and app.web_server_url console commands to enable a simple HTTP web server embedded in Factory IO.
    When enabled, the web server provides endpoints for getting information about tags, reading and writing tag values.
    More details about the endpoints can be found in the Web API section of the manual.
  • Added scene.debug_emitter_remover console command to allow turning off emitter and remover visuals during Run mode.
  • Fixed collision sounds not being properly spatialized.
  • Improved scene timescale effect on sounds.


  • Fixed simulation tag Factory I/O (Reset) signal duration being influenced by timescale.
  • Fixed S7-PLCSIM Advanced Offset and Count mixup between input and outputs.
  • Fixed error when browsing OPC UA servers when no server is found.
  • Fixed OPC UA driver not connecting to servers due to using the server Uri in lower case - it now works correctly with node-opcua servers.
  • Added new Modbus tutorial for CodeSys SP16 or latter.
  • Fixed Control I/O not being able to save when ‘Documents’ folder is located at the drive root.


  • Floating license cache is now properly cleared when closing Factory I/O


  • Fixed issue with text size on some HiDPI devices.
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I was REALLY hoping that Save As and Open would get updated to allow a path to be specified. Soon?

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