Is there any book for Control IO?

Hi Everyone,

I’m just wondering if there is any book to buy about Control IO! Everyone is just sctratching surface on Youtube videos and most of the tutorials are about boolean examples.

I am specifically interested in the Control IO solutions, not real PLCs.

The major questions are:

  • How to rename tags?
  • How to connect floats on pushbuttons? (e.g. operating tank fill and discharge valve which are floats)
  • How to install potentiometer on a conveyor?

Please advise! Many thanks in advance!

Hi, @ntropia2005!
I’m sorry, but there isn’t a book about Control I/O. You can, however, find most answers in our documentation.
About your questions:

  • ‘How to rename tags?’
    If you change a tag’s name in FIO, it will be updated in Control I/O.
  • ‘How to connect floats on pushbuttons? (e.g. operating tank fill and discharge valve which are floats)’
    Given your example, if you change your tank’s configuration to digital, you can directly connect the pushbutton tag to the valve’s tag (it will fully open). You can find the tank’s configurations here.
    You can also check out the existing function blocks to help you find a solution if you want to use the analog configuration.
  • ‘How to install potentiometer on a conveyor?’
    Again, if you change the conveyor’s configuration (to analog), you can connect the tags directly.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for your great reply! I did not know about the configuration.

Also I don’t really know what the memories for. Could you advise me where do you normally use them?

I’m glad I could help! If you look through our documentation, you can also find a description for each block type used in Control I/O. As described here, memories store values during the execution of a program. Here is an example of memories being used to create a loop.

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