Factory IO to FluidSim

I made a video about to conect FluidSim to Factory IO


Nice one! Didn’t even know this was possible!

Now we only need Process I/O with tanks, valves and pumps. @brunovgr :wink:

Thanks for the video. I watched most with translation to English and found it understandable. I really need to play more with OPC … nice that you got it to work.

How did you get pneumatic actuators? I have the ultimate edition but these do not exist?



Thank you for this video.
But I still have a probleme with the OPC Client DA/UA.
When I select FestoDidactic.EzOPC.1 as server.
I have only the representation of the bytes and not each bit (print screen in attachement).

How can I configurate the OPC Client DA/UA to have each bit visible in order to assign the sensors and actuators?

You mean the Pusher?

PS. Sorry for the late reply.

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Afaik it depends on the OPC server if you can address single bits or not. But I don’t work enough with OPC to tell you more.

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@janbumer1 Yes, you are right. @theophile.umuhire You will have to configure Bool items in the OPC server. Factory I/O just browses the OPC server address space and retrieves all items that go through the filters.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that OPC server in our labs in order to investigate this further.