Modbus Master Needed?

Hi all,

Is the “Modbus Master” driver a simulator or do I need to run a separate sim? I can’t get any scenes to run.

I’ve opened “Sorting by weight”.
I’ve loaded the Modbus TCP/IP Server driver and the sensors and actuators automatically map to I/Os.
I start the simulation, flip the mode dial to auto, hit the Start button and nothing happens.
I can force components to start & stop using the tags, but nothing runs automatically.

If I need a simulator running in the background, can anyone suggest a decent one please


Hey, welcome to the forums.

What do you meant by “do I need to run a separate sim”? Modbus is normally only meant to connect your PLC to your partner, in this case the simulation. Did you check if you got any signals on your end coming from the simulation? Do you have a read on the sensors?

Any update on this? What’s the situation?