Using drivers simultaneously

Can i use two drivers simultaneously in a scene? For example using Modbus TCP Client and Server.

Currently, that is not possible. You can only use one driver at a time.


No, you can’t use two driver simultaneously at the moment.

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Hi. I recently found Factory IO because I am playing with controlling a servo motor. I think you really have created something amazing here!
I have now built a factory with three pick and places and runned into that my PLC cannot handle more than 32 IOs on one Modbus client. So I am stuck until there is able to make more drivers setup with different addresses.

Is there someone knows how people are able to fill the complete factory with equipment and control it with no possibility to more drivers?

I have seen info that it is planned to make support for serveral drivers in coming releases. I really look forward to that because this was really, both fun and educating to be able to make this factory. Have learned much more with this than just playing with my motor!

Keep up the good work Realgames!


Well, I’m using a Siemens PLC directly, hence I can use up to the 256 available IO.

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Ahaa, yes that gives bigger possibilities. I need to wait for Real Games to make it able to make more drivers.

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