Only one FPS - Low performance


i have a problem to install the tool factory IO.
At first I have installed the programm on my Client-VM (8 cores [2Ghz], 8GB RAM) and the result is only 1 FPS.
The second installation I have done on a VM on a Server with more hardware power. (8 Cores [2,8Ghz], 16GB RAM) and I got the same result, only 1 FPS.
At last I will forget the VMs and installed the programm on my nativ local host (4 Cores/ 8 Threads [2Ghz], 16GB RAM) and the result is max 5-8 FPS.
All three setups are on WIN10 (64Bit versions).

I checked the system requirements on the homepage and see, that I only need lower hardware as I have.

Can you help me?

Best regards,
Marcel Müller

Hi @marcel.mueller,

Unfortunately running 3D software is still very slow on most VMs. Still, you should get at least 30FPS on most devices.
Please make sure that the option for 3D graphics acceleration is enabled in the VM guest settings, and that a considerable amount of VRAM is available.

Such low framerate when running directly on the host is also unusual.
Could such bad performance be due to missing or misconfigured graphics drivers?
The DirectX Diagnostic tool is useful to check that. You can open it by pressing Start > Run > type in: “dxdiag”. Screenshots of both the System and Display tabs could help (you can send me a private message if you don’t want to publish that information publicly).
Also, if running on a laptop with both discrete and integrated graphics devices, have you made sure FactoryIO is running on the discrete device?