Low Performance After Updating


I have been using Factory IO version 2.3.6 for a couple years now since its release with no issues on my VM, was averaging 50 fps and CPU usage was around 25% most the time even with a larger scene.

I just updated to the latest version 2.4.6 and it is now unusable, i’m getting 1fps and CPU usage is 100% on an empty scene with no objects even placed, I went through my PC and updated graphics drivers, accelerated 3D graphics is already enabled.

I understand the performance can be lacking on VM’s but I was running the previous version fine, I see there are others having the same issue as me but no real answer saying if they got it fixed.

Also now that I have updated I no longer have the installer for v2.3.6, can you provide me with a download link so I can at least still use this as I cannot find one on your website its all for v2.4.0 onwards.


Hi @mattmilg8. Can you please tell us what virtualization software you are using?
If you are using VMware, is it possible for you to update to version 16?

Hey, I am using VMware, I was running version 15, which I updated to V16 but it did not make any difference.