Studio 5000 tags

My students encountered a problem with connecting Factory IO to the Controllogix PLC. Factory IO would freeze up as soon as they connected to the PLC. We eventually traced the problem to using a wrong data type in Studio 5000. If you create a Factory IO tag such as “INT_OUT_0” and set the data type to BOOL, everything looks OK. You can download to the PLC and no errors. But, when you connect Factory IO to the PLC, it freezes.

It would be very helpful if Factory IO gave you an error message about the wrong data type instead of just freezing up.


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Thanks for investigating and reporting the issue!

It has been registered and we will attempt to fix it sometime in the near future as there are some other issues with the Allen-Bradley drivers that we’d also like to address.

Hi Goncalo,

What are the other AB issues?



I have also seen this recently when a student confused INT_OUT_X as a COUNTER Datatype instead of an Integer (INT_OUT_0 was being used to drive the Counter Display in the Simulation). Factoryio just locked up and the screen started to flicker.