PLCsimadvance to Factory io

I dont know hot to connect PLC sim with factory io with ethernet option

Did you switched on the PUT GET comuniction in the hardware properties of the PLC ?
Thats what I think is the reason. If not the explain more what is the problem.

thanks , i switched the PUT GET it works at the beginning but later I couldn’t see any signal coming from factory io into TIA and the communication is stable I don’t know where problem is

Hmmm i dont really know where is the issue.
Is the connectionsign on factory io green?
Show me your tags in driver IO.
Maybe try to add 1 conveyor, add encoder to them and assign these two encoder pusles to the PLC IOs in Factory IO. Then do the same on the TIA Portal side so you will have two signals that should constantly change while the simulation is ON.
Btw i assume you started the simulation? :smiley: