Trial License Activation

Hello I just got my Trial edition.

but in the License section, it is written (under Current License), that the trial license is expired. under that:

Edition: Ultimate
Expiration date: Saturday 27 March 2021
up to version: 2.9.9

I just downloaded this program for the first time. what happened?

And I got no Email with a activation key for trial whatsoever

So I don’t really know what the problem is.

Thank for help.

Hi @steffen.schuetze

The trial license is activated on the first run of the software. You don’t need an activation key to activate the trial. For some reason, your computer was identified as already having activated a trial.

I’ll send you a 30 day activation key on a private message.

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Hii @brunovg , Thanks for the input on the topic, however i have faced the same issues and i tried installing again but it tells that the 30 days licence has expired, im a student at Hochschule Schmalkalden, Germany and I wanted to learn on some PLC projects integrating with Factory IO, Could you also share 30 days trial key which you be a lot of help for me, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @sahitishashank8, if you installed Factory I/O once and the trial period expired, reinstalling the program generally won’t give you a new trial license. You would have to use a different computer or buy a license. Or maybe your school has a license?

Buenas, he descargado la prueba gratuita pero no me deja activar la licencia ya que no me llega un correo con la clave, tarda en mandar el mensaje o porque es?

Hi @moisesgarciajimenez0,

I kindly ask you to write your posts in English so others can understand, this is an international forum.

Hello @brunovgr , I have the same problem… I’m student and I installed it for the first time and it’s written that the expiration date was Wednesday, 24 April 2024…
Should it be possible to have a code for just 1 or 2 days please ? I need it for a project…


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