What's the maximum number of I/O points? 2000 IO Points

My colleague is looking for 2000 IO points PLC 3D simulator for fully automated factory project. Factory IO simulator contains 256 / 64 IO D/A. Is there any possible way to connect 2000 IOs or is there any similar software to Factory IO.

Hi @ahamedshaakir,
Unfortunately it is impossible to connect 2000 IO points to Factory IO at the time.

Thank you @goncalo for your response. Do you know any other software ?

In the real world you would probably use many PLCs for that amount of IO points.

If you find a package that can do it then please let me know. However, I wouldn’t want to write a single program with that many IO as it would be a nightmare to debug.

Factory IO does a pretty good job at giving you rather a lot of IO to work with even if your PLC has a limited amount. All the best.

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Actually, in the real world, we have to connect more than one PLC for a complete plant. But my colleague is looking for a Simulator for the whole plant. One PLC or Connected PLCs. Even my suggestion was to show the simulation part by part.

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Let me know if you find something, I would be very interested.

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Sure, thanks for your response.

Hi Ahamedskaakir,

Think you need to search for a Digital Twin. Suggestions:

I recommend you to contact your local reseller(s) for more information.

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Hi there everyone. Is the figure of 256 Digital I/O and 64 Analogue I/O the confirmed max for factory I/O? I’m extremely happy with this if it is. It’s just that I haven’t seen it written anywhere. Thanks

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The limits depend on the driver and type of I/O Point, but so far almost all drivers have those limits.
As a result, the limit is specified in the ‘I/O Points’ section of the manual for each driver.
E.g. https://docs.factoryio.com/manual/drivers/s7-1200-1500/#configuration


Great stuff

Thanks that clears that one up.