Abb OPC Client DA Error 0xC0040007


I can’t browse the data from ABB OPC server , although Factory IO can see the OPC Service
( ABB.AC800MC_OpcDaServer.3) but when i try to browse the items it gives me an error 0xC0040007.

I used matrikon OPC explorer and it can access the variables just fine.

I am using factory io V2.4.3 , is there any solution to this problem.

Hi @user121,

I recommend that you update Factory I/O to the latest version (2.5.1). You can download it from here: Download Archive - Factory I/O

This error indicates that items are no longer available in the server’s address space. It can be caused by a timeout on the server or when failing to add an item to an OPC group on the client (Factory I/O) - which may have been fixed on the latest version of FIO.

Can you tell me the name and version of the ABB software you are using?