Factory I/O v2.4.4 preview 1 available

[Edit] Released: Factory I/O v2.4.4

A first preview for the v2.4.4 version of Factory I/O is now available for download:

  • Installer (link removed)
  • Portable (link removed)

The main new features of this preview are:

  • Improvements to the OPC DA driver, restoring the ability to connect to RSLinx Classic.

  • A new option for the S7PLCSIM driver, allowing connection with S7PLCSIM Advanced V3.0. It can be enabled by selecting S7-1500 (S7-PLCSIM Advanced) from the Model dropdown.


    Version 3.0 of S7-PLCSIM Advanced is required, and the virtual PLC must be configured with an instance name set to factoryio.


Feedback on these features is welcomed.

Full release notes:

  • Core: Fixed errors when opening v1.x scenes.
  • Core: Fixed crash when a dragged item is deleted by a remover.
  • Drivers: Fixed crash by repeatedly showing an error message in Allen-Bradley drivers.
  • Drivers: Redesigned OPC DA driver which is now faster and more robust - it now works correctly with RSLinx Classic.
  • Drivers: Improved performance when browsing nodes on OPC UA servers.
  • Drivers: Fixed read errors not being correctly displayed on OPC UA driver.
  • Drivers: OPC items/nodes now show correct data types following the IEC61131 standard.
  • Drivers: Added driver for S7-PLCSIM Advanced v3.0 (tutorials and samples available soon).
  • Licensing: Floating licenses are now more resilient during system shutdown/crashes.
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Hello Factory I/O team,

I tested the preview edition of 2.4.4. It is working good.

The new version works flawlessly with RSLinx OPC sever – which is great.

The only small bug that I found is that when I try to save and re-open factory I/O file that is configured to use RSLinx OPC Server, I get the following message.

The good news is that the file works perfectly without any problem. The bug is mostly cosmetic: an error is thrown while there is no error.

I am interested in using factory io with the studio 5000 package which I have installed on my computer. I have the appropriate version of emulate installed as well. I have the OEM version of RS linx as well. I know that this may be a bit to ask, but I would like to ask if there is some sort of procedure in order to get this to work using the OPC server driver. I have been told that it will work, but I have yet to get things to work. I have installed the factory io version 2.4 as well.
Thanks, and best regards.