Automatic generation of UNITY and CODESYS applications from a FACTORY I/O Scene

Hi guys,

We have developped a web application which allows to get from a FACTORY I/O scene file, the application framework for UNITY PRO (.xef) and CODESYS (.xml) with all the declared PLC variables and the configured Modbus/TCP client communication allowing a connection with their soft PLC. In the case of CODESYS, the soft PLC device CODESYS Control Win V3 must be used. Hence, you can save time and avoid errors.

The bêta is here:

Do not hesitate to test and to give me your feedback



Thanks for sharing your work.

How do I open the Codesys xml after conversion?

1- open CODESYS V3.5 SP14
2- file -> newproject
3- select Empty project
4- Project -> Import PLCopenXML file

if it does not work because you use CODESYS V3.5 SP 16 please contact me.


Is it possible to use CODESYS v3.5 sp 16?


1- open CODESYS V3.5 SP16
2- Tools ->Device Repository->PLCs->Install
3-open the file 4096_0000 0004_3.5.14.20.devdesc.xml (see zip file)
4096_0000 (6.4 KB)
4- file -> newproject
5- select Empty project
6- Project -> Import PLCopenXML file-

tell me if it works please

Yes it did work but after you have imported plcopenxml file you most download the appropriate libaries in applications folder

Thanks for the feed-back. Do you think this application useful ?

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100% its use! at the moment I am converting every scene.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but what is the use of this? What can one do with this? :open_mouth:


the interest of this application is to generate a file for UNITY (Schneider) or CODESYS from a FIO scene and a modbus TCP client driver. All the variables are defined and the mapping is done. You save time.

Aaah, sorry. I thought of Unity the game engine (made sense for me in combination with Factory I/O) and was kinda confused what you would do in Unity.