Not able to run Codesys on Setting Up CODESYS OPC UA Tutorial

Now, almost a 100% newbie on Factory IO here.

The way I understand it now is that one needs some PLC program to control any scene, unless you want to do it manually from the Factory IO UI. This is true regardless if you use an OPC UA Driver because OPC UA works on a publish/subscribe-like pattern, just listening/setting the tag values, not actually responsible for running a control program with Ladder or ST programs. Is that correct?

Since we currently do not have a physical PLC we aimed for running CODESYS. I downloaded it fine, entered the variables and code according to the Sorting scene example, but have not ever been able to connect to the local CODESYS Gateway or PLC running on my local machine, although they are proven to be running.

Any ideas? Any other easier to use preferable soft PLCs out there?

That’s correct, OPC UA is just a communication protocol. I would say that Codesys is your best bet if you want to develop “real world” PLC programs. For simpler solutions, you may want to take a look at Control I/O which is included in Factory I/O (Starter and Ultimate Edition):

I recommend that you follow this tutorial step by step. If you face any problem post it here and I’ll try to give you some ideas on how to fix it.

Thanks Bruno, good that I now got it finally! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, we actually just want to develop a cool looking, yet powerful demo showing tags and the use of industrial tags.

We are an ERP company and hence need to show how tags are used in a “real” factory setting.

We have considered buying some physical PLC but then again we have pre-sales that shall run our demos around the world,

making the pure distribution and training effort quite massive.

So, if we opt for using Control I/O with a less steep learning curve, can we still post tag data/values to an OPC UA Server?

I guess not since OPC UA and Control I/I are two different drivers to choose from. Or, is such a setup possible?



It’s not possible, Factory I/O only supports one driver at a time. I guess your best bet is to use Codesys and OPC UA.