Communication between 2 plc

For a school assignment I have to recreate a system with two plc’s in TIA portal. The main plc controls the system and the second plc has to perform action when the main plc says so.
To visualize the system easier I use factoryio. The main plc controls the factoryio scene and the second plc communicates via internet connection with the main plc only when I start the second plc in plcsim, then I get the comment in factoryio that 2 plc are running at the same time.
Is there a solution to still have two plc to run at the same time and to have control one factoryio ?

ps: I have access to plcsim advanced if that can solve the problem.

Thanks in advance

Not done this before but good luck, I hope it works for you.

Hi @user94 ,

The S7-PLCSIM driver in Factory IO will not work properly when more than one instance of the simulator is running and that is why the message is displayed.

If you are able to use the S7-PLCSIM Advanced driver instead, you should be able to run more than one instance, and be able to connect to one of them, as long as you give the instances different names, with one of them being factoryio as is described in the setting up guide.

With PLCSIM Advanced, you should also be able to connect using the generic S7-1500 driver in Factory IO instead of the dedicated PLCSIM drivers by exposing the simulated PLC to the network.
The key to allow communication is to set the S7-PLCSIM communication mode to ‘PLCSIM Virtual Ethernet Adapter’, and use ‘Siemens PLCSIM Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ as the Network Adapter in the driver configuration window in Factory I/O. Then setting up communication is as simple as following the standard guide.