Error while connecting to plc sim

Hello everyone I getting this error
" more than one instances of plcsim are running please close one"
So I am not able to connect factory io with Tia portal
can anyone help me to solve this problem
I am using tiaportal v15 and plcsim

Hi @yashw4854!
To communicate with S7-PLCSIM V15, Factory IO starts by searching for a process named “Siemens.Simatic.PlcSim.VplcHost” in your computer. Once it is found, then communication is started in conjunction with the FC provided in the template project.
The error means that more than one process named “Siemens.Simatic.PlcSim.VplcHost” has been found, and, as such, Factory IO doesn’t know which one to use.
You can check if more than one process with that name is running by looking at the Windows Task Manager.

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