Comunicate fc-factory within cpu siemes 1516

Hello somewhere!
I need help to a comunication with the CPU1516 with factory I/O siemes S7-1500: CPU 1516 3 PN/DP115166ES75163AN020AB0_datasheet_en.pdf (310.3 KB)

I tryed take de example off site off factory I/O to link CPU 1500 - on template example he use the cpu 1511-PN6ES75111AK020AB0_datasheet_en.pdf (305.0 KB)
looks good, Its working.
BUT ! when i take de off program FC in cpu 1511 the FC MHJ-PLC-Lab-Function-S71500 and put in my libary program and call in program within CPU 1516 , i compilead the software and hardware , put the caracteris to writhe and read, equal of program 1511 example but nothing work.

somewere did ? the Factory IO comunicate withi any tipe off CPU or just work whithin some types ? how to choice cpu 1500 and continus work whit comununicate with factory i/o?