Connection problem PLCSIM (S7-1500)

We have some issues, connecting factory io to PLCSIM(S7-1500) . The same Problem persists on 4 different Computers. After trying to connect, we get the error message “Memory Problem” .
Did anybody encounter similar problems and/or does anybody have a hint !?
Thanks for your help

(pictures attached)

Have you been able to solve your problem? I have just posted the same issue here…

I am copying the answer to my problem:

I just solved the problem. As I didn’t intend to simulate my program with Factory I/O, I created my program in a file, and after that, I added in my Main (OB1) the function block that is provided to connect S7-PLCSIM V16 with Factory I/O, and it showed a strange error in my CPU also. I opened the given file and copied my program to solve the problem. Not the other way round, and after solving some issues with tags, it worked perfectly, without issues in the CPU or Factory I/O.

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