Comunication problems with PLCSim

Hello! I’m testing the trial version with PLCSim. My problem is that from I10.0 address there is no synchronization between FactoryIO and TiaPortal v14. With the outputs I don’t have this problem.
Before deciding whether to buy it or not, I would like to know if this is a limitation of the trial version or if the program is not able to handle more inputs.

Hola! Estoy probando la versión de prueba con PLCSim. Mi problema es que desde la dirección %I10.0 no se produce la sincronización entre FactoryIO y TiaPortal v14. En las salidas no tengo este problema.
Antes de decidirme si comprarlo, querría saber si esto se trata de una limitación de la versión de prueba o si el programa no es capaz de gestionar más entradas.

The trial version has no limitations and is functionally equivalent to the Ultimate edition.

That said, what is probably happening with inputs in your tests is the values sent by Factory IO being overwritten by values from inputs of other modules, that happen to also map their inputs to addresses starting at %I10.

Here is a topic describing the issue and providing solutions: Siemens: inputs not working

Thanks a lot! That was my problem.

Sorry, I hadn’t seen that post with the solution to my problem.

Muchas gracias! Ese era mi problema.

Lo siento, no había visto ese post con la solución a mi problema