Connect logo!8 0BA1 with factory io

Good evening,
I would like to ask a question for people who know! I want to connect the logo! 8 0BA1 but in the factory IO settings it is only for the model 0BA7 & 0BA8. does anyone know what I can do to connect?

Hey there
As @beatriz.santos said in your other post you could still try to connect them to Factory I/O, Realgames just didn’t test if it’ll work.

The documentation gives you further information on how to set up a connection. The process should be the same with the 0BA1 as it too has a network port iirc. Just try it with both the 0BA7 or 0BA8 model and see if you can establish a connection.

@beatriz.santos Can you tell me what the difference “behind the scenes” is if you choose a particular model?

@janbumer1, I believe the difference is that analog inputs and outputs are mapped into different memory zones depending on the model.
We’ve had some users wanting to connect 0BA1 to FIO. Even though we haven’t received much feedback, I think one user was able to do it.

Hey @nikos_dtrx, did you have any success with connecting your LOGO! PLC to Factory I/O?