Tia portal problem

Hai guys, i tried to simulate my Siemens program using factory io, and it went well, it can connect but when i tried to run the simulation in factory io, it doesnot do anything, when i pushed start button it doesnot start, is there any body who knows about this problem?

Please guys, i hope any body knows about this and how to solve it🥺

Well, can you show us how your program looks like?
Do the signals from the buttons arrive in your PLC Code? And do the Outputs get set correctly?

I’ll show you later because i cant use my laptop rightnow, but i have followed some of yt videos from beginning until end, even the simplest program, but i don’t know why i still cant to simulate them…
And when i tried press any button it did not cgange anything in my program, and the opposite was true also.

do you know how Could it happen?

Have you followed the official documentation?

I have tried using the sample but not for the tutorial. I’ll try it first, thank you for ur answer sir👍

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hello sir, i tried to follow the instrction but i got problem

there i cannot find Realtek PCIe…, what shoul i do? or what should i choose?
thank u sir

The document assumes that you know which PG/PC Interface is the one you are using. It won’t match the interfaces available to you, because the name of those interfaces is device-dependant. Choose the one you are using to connect to the PLC.

See also Siemens Documentation on this.

Yahh, i knew it, but it doesnot change anything :smiling_face_with_tear:. I have followed the documentation that u gave.
Is there anything else that i can do?

Or maybe i should move on haha, thanks you.

So, you connected to the PLC, and you can see that the inputs are not getting a signal from Factory I/O?

Or what do you mean “it does not change anything”?

You could send us your Factory I/O scene file and your TIA Portal file and I could take a look at it to see if I spot anything.