Eco Struxture Machine Expert and Factory IO?

Did someone suceeeded conecting Machine Expert to Factory IO. I tried the method with Modbus TCP/IP that worked with SoMachine, but it seams that in Machine Expert that won’t work. Any sugestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you maybe have an OPC interface or Modbus that you could use?

IFIO works fine with ESME with Modbus TCP. Could you tell me wich release of ESME do you use ?

I’m using ME 1.2.7. I can establish connection with factory IO and PLC with Modbus TCP/IP client , but for some reason I can’t adress variables in ME with ones in Factory IO.

I have UAExpert but for some reason i can’t import variables from ESME. I have selected variables in ESME, added them to OPC UA symbol conf. but i can’t see them in Factory IO, even though i see them in UAExpert. I only see some default variables that UAExpert create.

I confirm FIO works fine with the soft PLC included in ESME with Modbus TCP.