Ecostruxure 1.2 Modicon M221, Modbus issue

I’m using Ecostruxure v1.2 on a Modicon M221 PLC, and can’t seem to get the communications to work correctly.

%SW212 is giving a value of 3 in the program, which means a partial connection is occurring.

I’m currently testing on the From A to B scene.

I have Factory I/O’s Modbus driver set up as the client, and do get some communication with the PLC as my first rung of logic works which has the conveyor move until it hits the sensor and stops.

The issue I’m having is that values aren’t being shown in the Digital I/O table, nor are the contacts and coils lighting up when the program is running in the PLC.

The added issue is that I added a reset trigger to the Factory I/O side with a 2nd rung in the program, which has a timer. The timer isn’t used at all, and instead the whole scene is constantly resetting.

My IOScanner channels are setup as:

Inputs: Read multiple bits, offset 0, length 5.

Outputs: Read multiple bits, offset 0, length 5.

I can provide more information if needed, but I’m curious if anyone has run across the same issues.

Found the issue.

Under the Ethernet/IP Adapter in the Configuration sub-menu, under Parameters that box needs to be unchecked. Along with the Factory I/O driver needing to be set to Server instead of Client.