Exportation de Variables


Un de mes étudiants à réalisé un petit outil pour exporter les variables afin de les rendre directement importables ( Mnemoniques, Types & adresses )pour les Automates Schneider & Siemens.

Si cela intéresse quelqu’un nous pouvons continuer le dévelopement…


One of my students created a small tool to export the variables in order to make them directly importable (symbols, types & addresses) for Schneider & Siemens PLCs.

If anyone is interested we can continue the development …"

It would be great if you could share it here. I think it could be quite useful for some users.

Ca Marche on fait une notice et on met ca


Thanks a lot, I am interested in this tool. We are also working on a tool like that, we can exchange about it if you want.

Hi, the script can be downloaded here :

It’s a simple tools which reads the factoryio save file, which format is an xml tree.
There is a collection of objects node and drivers node. The objects node describe the actuators, sensors…
This work is still in progress and i will be happy to exchange about it.


Sounds like a great tool …

Thanks !
With the new version of Factory IO (2.4), you have the possibility to export the variables via the console :
drivers.export_mapping(string filename)

I recommend you to use it.

Best regards.

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