How can I import inputs/outputs directly?

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So, I’ve been “playing” with this software, and I was wondering if there were any ways to imports the variables tables from Factory io into TIA ? I know you can import some tables if they’re in the Excel format.

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You can export the mapping of scene tags and driver I/O points by clicking on the export button in the driver window. See more information here: I/O Drivers - FACTORY I/O

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Do you have any plans to offer an import feature as well? Drag & Dropping all the tags takes a lot of time, and I oftentimes use a lot of tags to get a scene going.

Personnaly, I find the fact of drag-and-dropping also a bit boring , but it’s also a great tool, since you can put together some entries/outputs which are having differents names ^^. But yeah, it would be a really appreciate feature :wink:


Though, our messages should rather be in the #suggestion channel ^^

An import feature is a very interesting idea. I believe it could work by matching PLC to FIO tags. However, you would have to use tags in the PLC that would match by name the tags in FIO :thinking:

Another approach - or complementary to this one - is to implement tools in FIO in order to make this process more expeditious. For instance, by using a table of tags we can implement features such as multi-selection and auto-mapping. This is something we are looking into at the moment.


Oooh, I like that approach! I would love me a table rather than the current drag and drop interface.
I’m really looking forward to that big update!

I’m an Engineer, I always love me some tables! :wink: