Factory I/O Installation at Virtual Machine

Hi all!

I installed version 2.4.3 on Virtual Machine (both VMware and VirtualBox) and I have the following problem on both VMs.

My CPU is working of approx. 50% from the time I open the application and all the time the fun of my laptop is working at the max.
As a result, when I am trying to get an ITEM from the catalog to make my own Scene, I can not because is seems that the response of my mouse is very slow.

Is any problem regarding the installation of factory I/O on Virtual Machines?
Can you please suggest me what to do?

If you need any further information, just let me know!

Best Regards

Hi @b1naryc0deexe!
Try to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the drivers are updated in your host.
  2. Check if the option for 3D graphics acceleration is enabled in the VM guest settings and that a considerable amount of VRAM is available (>=512 MB should do it).
    If using VirtualBox:
    Try installing Direct3D Support with Guest Additions.

For VMware, you can find the procedure here in case you need it.

Please let me know if this fixed your issue.