Factory I/O v2.4.1 hotfix available

The new release of Factory I/O 2.4.1 is now available for download. This hotfix includes many bug fixes and improvements.

Fixed in 2.4.1

  • Core: Remade console commands related with video.
  • Core: Fixed ‘Show Sensors Tags’ and ‘Show Actuators Tags’ options not saving properly between sessions.
  • Core: Fixed 3D Tag horizontal alignment.
  • Core: Fixed some parts containing joints occasionally moving to world origin on scene reset.
  • Parts: Fixed items getting stuck in Machining Center entry tray at low speeds.
  • UI: Removed ‘Resolution Scale’ option from Video Options. The feature didn’t have the expected performance impact.
  • UI: Application window maintains position between sessions.
  • UI: Fixed application starting fullscreen instead of windowed by default.
  • UI: Fixed video settings changing when opening Video Options.
  • UI: Fixed key binding button disabled after changing key bindings in the Controls Options.
  • Licensing: Standalone licenses now have priority over floating licenses.
  • Licensing: Sensitive licensing information no longer written to log.
  • Licensing: Added license.print_ids() console command.
  • Control I/O: Fixed being able to cause a scene reset during edit mode.