Siemens OPCUA connection


FactoryIO can’t find Siemens OPCUA, using another client than FactoryIO, every thing works fine, and Simatic OPCUA up and running.

Any Help appreciated!
Thnx in advance

Hi @soha!

Could you give us some more details so we can better understand your issue?
What are your configurations? Printscreens might help.

Hi @adriana.silva

I have a n OPCUA edition licens and I want to connect FIO to a Siemens 1500 PLC via Siemens own OPCUA.
I configured the OPCUA and test it via a third part OPCUA client, actually python opcua-client package, I can access Siemens OPCUA server from the client.
When I scan servers in FIO I can’t see Siemens


Name of Siemens OPCUA server

Hi @soha,

You can connect directly to the OPC UA server by typing (or pasting: Ctrl + V) the server URL in the OPC Server field and pressing Enter:


@brunovgr thank u for the hint, it works!