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Hello, how do we handle the hardware usually required? For instance, do I need a Analog card in RSLogix 5000 to use analog in FactoryIO?

I’m using the Siemens PLC’s, not the RSLogix.
FactoryIO interfaces with the input and output registers (%Ix.x and %Qx.x for digital inputs, %IWx and %QWx for 16 bit analog IO (Word) or %IDx ans %QDx for 32 bit analog IO (DWORD).
It’s not necessary to have analog cards to simulate analog inputs and outputs. You also can use more digital I/O than physically available on your PLC : On the S7-1214C I have 14 DI’s and 10DQ’s but I can use many more in the simulations.

Ludovicus.ulrichts, Thanks for your repsonse…

One nice thing about FactoryIO is that you only need a Processor to run the logic. However, you can use a combination of Real-World I/O and Simulated I/O at the same time (as long as the addressing is unique). I use a Real HMI with one of my Simulations and an MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) as a Real Input for another Simulation.

I discovered that the answer to my question about hardware was to install the hardware the same way you would when installing real hardware.

Then go to the properties of the hardware and inhibit the module. You will still be able to use the tags within your program like you would in the real world.

As for discrete and analogue input signals you will have to add code that simulates the inputs or in the case of basic discrete signals just toggle the bit.

You can make life a little easier if you have access to an HMI or HMI software you can connect to your processor to simulate the IO by pushing buttons and or using sliders to scale an analogue signal.

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Just FYI, presentations I posted on my YouTube Channel (no ads, no clickbait) show combinations of hardware and simulation, including an HMI interface.

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