Hardware Recommendation - AB

Calling all Allen Bradley experts, I need a device recommendation please.

For reasons that don’t matter I NEED to setup a Factory I/O simulation that is driven by a physical Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller. I have no experience with AB kit so I’m at a loss to know which device to specify for the project.

The requirements are:
• 240v Power (we could use a separate PSU if necessary)
• Ethernet Interface for config / programming
• We don’t need a huge amount of physical I/O (so no need for extra modules), because we’ll be controlling a Factory I/O simulation, rather than physical devices

I also need a recommendation for the appropriate programming suite for this device (presumably Studio Logix 5000 Designer? But again there seem to be many versions at different prices).

Thanks in advance.

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If your requirement specifies a physical CompactLogix 5830, then it sounds like you have already chosen your hardware (to match a project?) … unless you are looking for sometime specific. It’s always best to work through the supplier to ensure your needs are met with respect to Power Supply, Memory, Connectivity, Processing Speed and other features you might find better matches your project. Studio5000 and Factorytalk View are the choices for software and you need the correct license for the platform of your choice. Again, best work through the supplier to ensure your order is correct (I had some not-so-good experiences choosing hardware on my own. I thought I was getting a deal when, in fact, I had the order wrong).