Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L33ER Processor

I have an Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L33ER Processor with 10 IO modules. Modules Local:1 to Local:5 are for output, and modules Local:6 to Local:10 are for input. I’ve created (alias) for all my modules with the name IO_MOD_, ,. In the picture, you can see that IO_MOD_01 is my output module, and IO_MOD_06 is my input module. My input module is working and talking to the PLC, but my output module isn’t communicating.

It sounds like you are trying to have FIO communicate with the physical I/O in your PLC? It cannot do that. When you set up your Controller Tags, you should create virtual tags that exactly match the FIO names (eg. BOOL_OUT_1). Then, in Parameters & Local Tags, create aliases for each FIO tag.

Check my videos for more information.

Professor Murray