How to setup a PLC Scene control program for OPC UA - Control IO and/or Node-Red

So, we aim want to develop a cool looking, yet powerful demo showing tags and the use of industrial tags. We are an ERP company and hence need to show how tag values are used in a “real” factory setting.

We have considered buying some physical PLC but then again we have pre-sales that shall run our demos around the world, making the pure distribution and training effort quite massive.

So, if we opt for using Control I/O with a less steep learning curve, can we still post tag data/values to an OPC UA Server? I guess not since OPC UA and Control I/I are two different drivers to choose from. Or, is such a setup possible?

I have seen PID examples using Node-Red, do they incorporate node-red-contrib-redplc nodes or use some other way of connecting? Could one use Modbus nodes to control the Scene? Is it in fact possible to run the PLC control program within Node-Red to control a Factory IO Scene?