Full scene solutions in OpenPLC


We are using FactoryIO to demo the capabilities of our Connected Factory offer, retrieving and acting on data from the factory floor. We intend to use FactoryIO in combination with control PLC code running in an OpenPLC runtime to run a scene. Tag values will be read by another edge IIoT solution.

So, we are not PLC experts and have no intention to become PLC programmers. As an ERP company we expect others to be very much more skilled in PLC programming specifics. We would however like to use existing correct PLC solutions programs done in OpenPLC.

We would use them to control the scene, while reading tag values back using our edge IIoT solutions, also used to ingest data into our cloud-based ERP back-end API.

Does full scene solutions exists in OpenPLC? Where can I find them, even if not freely available?

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I recommend these free videos:

And there are excellent courses from Code and Compile:

He has some preview videos on YouTube.

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I have a bit of time over the Christmas Holidays and will definitely be exploring this myself. Looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing.