Import 3D objects

hello every one doest factory i/o allow to import 3 objects ( sketchup file or blender solidworks…) like machine doesn’t existe in the librairy ??

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Hi @ibrahimskakri,

Currently, there is no way to import content. This is a common requested feature which we would love to implement in a future release.

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ok thanks for the information

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Has there been a change in this situation? Can we add a different object to the Factory Io program from outside?

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to add new objects in Factory I/O.

Hi, have the developer team made some changes?


Not yet, but we are working intensively on it.

Would you please explain your roadmap for implementing a function to import 3D models in more details, please.
What to expect and when (estimated releease plans)?

@marc.rupprath We don’t have an ETA as yet. We will announce it in this forum once we have more details.

The idea is to provide a community tool that will allow users to create new parts for Factory I/O. Parts are typically made of assets such as meshes, textures, physics, scripts, and so on. This tool will allow users to assemble these assets and export them as a package so they can be imported into Factory I/O.

I don’t want to go deeper into details since this feature is still under development.