Import Scenes/Designs?

Is there anyway to import scenes/designs you’ve already created into a project that you currently have open? The only reason I ask this is because myself and 2 others were trying to work a project in Factory.IO together. It would be difficult for us all to work on a project without being able to import our own designs to the project or be able to work on the same project simultaneously.

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The only way I was able to do this was by using the Copy and Paste. Open the project with items you wish to import into a second project, highlight the items and COPY (CTRL-C works). Close the first project and open the target project and screen to wish you append to and PASTE (CTRL-V). You may loose some information such as unique I/O names but you will get the objects you want. I use this technique when I want to merge two built-in scenes.


That’s one thing that’s bugging me a little bit. I would like it to be a feature that when you copy-paste something it would copy the tag name too and just add a number behind it or if there already is a number increment it. I do so much copy-paste sometimes and a lot of time goes into going over all the copy-pasted parts and adjusting the tag names.

Also, a Tag Import/Export would be really nice so I don’t have to drag and drop every.single.tag. It’s no big deal with 10 tags, but when you have larger scenes it becomes a real slog…

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I do believe I asked for some basic import options along the same lines and for the same reasons. I was thinking if you could save a scene, you should be able to import that scene with the assigned names. The PLC assignments can be removed since there would be too many conflicts but duplicates names can either be flagged as an error or appended with a (1) or (2) after the name.

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