Improving IO-Assignment

I have projects with almost 200 IOs, and it seems like things will get bigger.

But i lose overview in the Configuration page where i assign IO’s to the PLC-Ports.
Is there a possibility to sort the IO-List alphabetically?
Also it would be great to hide and or mark the IOs which have already been assigned.

And a warning would be great if an actor has been assigned twice.

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I am working with factory IO for a few days now.
I spent a lot of time in the I/O assignment .
So here are some ideas to improve it

  • Mark or check for duplicate namens in I/O because import of the most programs won’t accept this
  • Mark that you do not have duplicates in I/O is linked
  • Mark which IO not is linked yet
  • Counter how many Inputs and outputs there are
  • If you double click on the name that you go to specifick IO (in the field)
  • if more I/O are used X multiple pages or 2 blocks so you dont get a large linking block
  • See in configuration page maximum of I/O you can use
  • In the configuration page get autosize button for the input/output size depending on scene

I hope you find the feedback useful!

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