Input flikkering on of in TIA while input is constant true

I have dun everyting what the web is telling me
as setting the inputs at i adress 10 an further.
but stil my inputs are in a random pathron on and of while factory sensor is high?
is my computer to slow? and can i do something else?

I am far from an expert, but I have struggled with the processors on my computers being too slow for Factory I/O on anything but the most basic scenarios and also running TIA PLC Sim at the same time. Even my PG M6 can’t do it. This is due to the lack of a decent Graphics card I guess.
If you monitor your processes does it show the CPU running hard?

You should turn off the process image for these inputs. Otherwise, the values of the Factory I/O sensors will be overwritten by the input modules.
Or use other addresses where no input modules are located.

Hope that helps.


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