Factory IO unstable I/O with PLCSIM


I have a problem running Factory io, inputs I receive are non stable, flickering with random latency (from 1s to 100ms).
Configuration I have:
Tia portal v15.0
PLCSIM (Vmware) -> netToPLCSim (VMware) -> FactoryIO (Host)

Can someone have any idea what can be the issue. I know that few years back I didnt have any issues with such configuration.

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I found the problem. For all those that have the same issues here how to make it:

  1. In tia portal if using 1517 add input output modules. Set addres to 0 for inputs and 0 for outpus.
  2. In FIO set input offset to 10 and output offset to 0.
  3. In Tia portal use adreses for inputs from I10.0 and outputs from Q0.0

thats it, excpect some lags so set your video level to ultra low (lag around 200ms is possible)


Hey @wyciu91,

Glad you found a solution for the problem. Thanks for sharing it.
There is also another topic presenting the problem and some solutions: Siemens: inputs not working.


I had a similar problem sometime last year but I need to go back and review my notes. If I recall correctly, reserved addressing and large offsets played a role.