Interface Control I/O dont appear

Hello! After i open a scene in factory io and go to driver to open Control I/O interface, that don’t appear, but she is open! What can i do, i uninstall but nothing works.

Hi @tofandenis18,
Perhaps the window is offscreen. In that case, perhaps resetting the Control IO settings could fix the problem.
A simple way to reset the Control IO settings is to delete its configuration folder.
The folder can be found at ‘C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Real_Games\Control_IO.exe_StrongName_a2hyva2mulm3nkb2wfqwuojekked2ezz’.
The AppData folder is hidden, so a simple way to open that location is to paste ‘%localappdata%\Real_Games’ into an explorer window address.

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thanks, but I solved it from the task manager with a maximization. I don’t understand why I only have to zoom from there to here.