Factory I/O not responding to Control I/O

Hi everyone’

I am recently having trouble with factory I/O,
I currently use Control I/O as a driver, the logic that I design seems to work properly I get all the outputs energised at the right time but then when I go in running mode nothing happen in factory I/O. This is happens especially with pushers, arm pivots, conveyors etc.
The weird part is that if I connect a light indicator in series with the same output the light goes on as its meant to be but the output is still off. Can anyone explain this and how to fix it? it is very frustrating and annoying especially now that I just bought and PAID for the ultimate edition and I am not happy with it.

Thanks Kind regarding

Hi Matt,

could you please share your Control I/O file and your Factory I/O scene in order to see the problem. In my case, it seems to work correctly, If I can help you, I will do with a great pleasure.


Hi Adam

Its all sorted now, thanks for your help

I am unable to open control io as well, can someone help me with that.

Seems you have the Siemens Edition. According to the editions overview, Control I/O is only available in the “Starter” and “Ultimate” edition.

@brunovgr Btw, is there a reason why Control I/O as the “bare minimum connectivity” isn’t available to all editions? I would have expected it to be…

Thanks for reaching out to me. I reactivated the serial number and got it.

Purely a marketing decision. Something to reconsider…

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