Machine Center Progress at Production Line

What is the type of Machine Center Progress variable at Production Line scene?
I tryed Int, Uint, Word, Byte but there are a message “the value suplied for the atributte is not of the same type as the atribute´s value”.
Thanks in advance.

Where do you get that message?
Also, the progress variable is of type float with range 0.0 to 100.0, see documentation here.

Hello Janbumer,
Thanks for the reply.
So, I used type Real at codesys but doesnt work.
The message at Factory IO alocation list is: The value suplyed for the atributte is not of the type as the atributte´se value.
The same case at vision camera at separate machine. The value of camera is int, I used int and doesnt work.
Any idea?

I found the correct way.
Progress variable at CNC Machine and Vision camera are DINT Double Int.