Material Flow - How to use boxes

I see there’s a way to convert raw materials to lids and bases, then assemble those bases. Can the completed materials be placed into a box that can be used in the palletizer object? Or should you build pallets with the completed lid/base assemblies using the 3axis pick/place? Looking for the best way to connect the different work centers together.

Also curious about the 256 I/O limit. Is there a plan to increase that? thx

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Raw materials and completed assemblies can be placed into boxes or on a pallet. You can choose a variety of methods which is one of the things I enjoy about using Factoryio. I wouldn’t say there is one best way to connect the stations, however, it does depend on what the goals of your task are.

How do you get assemblies into the cardboard boxes? Or only into the metal ones?

If you pick/place an assembly does it stay as one part or separate?

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Sorry I was not clear. You can only put material into the “Stackable Box”, not the cardboard boxes. Assemblies stay together once coupled. For testing: if you place objects into a blank workspace, such as a cardboard box, stackable box, pallet, base and lid, and then go into run mode, you can make them drop into or on top of each other to test interactions. For instance, place a stackable box on the floor and then place another object directly over top. When you go into run mode, the object will fall into the stackable box. Similarly, you can place a base on the floor and position a lid directly above it. When you go into run move the lid will fall onto the base and remain coupled even if you try and pick it up with the mouse.